Since 1990 in the service of our Customers

We are at your disposal with many years of experience, qualified employees, modern information technology.

Specialized translation

Hungarian, German, English, Slovakian and other Western and Eastern languages in every field.

Official translation

Certificates, documents provided with an official, stamped and signed declaration.


Interpreting Hungarian/German


Specialized translation

German, English
  net 3,70 HUF/character (approx. net 6600 HUF/page)

German, English
  net 3,37 HUF/character (approx. net 6000 HUF/page)

other important European language
  net 4,40 HUF/character (approx. net 8000 HUF/page)

Other important European language
  net 3,96 HUF/character (approx. net 7100 HUF/page)

Official translation

German, English
  net 4,63 HUF/character (approx. net 8300 HUF/page)

German, English
  net 4,21 HUF/character (approx. net 7600 HUF/page)

other important European language
  net 5,50 HUF/character (approx. net 9900 HUF/page)

Other important European language
  net 4,95 HUF/character (approx. net 8900 HUF/page)


The translation fee for medical certificates, good conduct certificates, diplomas, etc.
in most cases
  net 4000 HUF;
if necessary, these translations are completed in a few hours without urgency fee!

urgent translation
  of longer documents, surcharge may be added to the fee!

With us you need
for nothing (i.e. for blank space)
  NOT to pay!

Translation orders are accepted only on advance payment!

If you can not visit us personally...

Price offer

Please send us the documents to be translated in a file format (doc, pdf or photo up to a maximum of 50 MB) and in 1-2 hours we will send you our price offer.


Should you accept our offer, please remit the amount based on the transmitted proforma invoice to our account or we will send you a PayPal payment request via email.

Bank details

Budapest Bank

(IBAN HU-75)



Order executed

Upon receipt of the amount on our account we will start the work, send the translation in the desired form and issue the final invoice.


Sopron's oldest
Translation Agency

Gábor Lőrincz-Véger, certified specialized translator, started working as an entrepreneur in 1990 in Sopron, Hátsókapu 1 under the name Linguatrans. The present name was given to the company in 1996, for the purpose of giving the translations my name, to ensure their quality in this way. I obtained my qualification as a specialized translator at the University of "Eötvös Loránd" in Budapest.

Trade register number: 08-06-002431
Tax number: 22421108-2-08


Lőrincz-Véger Translation Agency

H-9400 Sopron, Béke út 13.

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